Wednesday, October 22

Wk 3: Day 2 - Feel Good

So maybe I needed my day of frustration Monday... because today I feel amazing. Honestly, I wanted to stay and do more! Maybe it was my day off yesterday? Though I had 4 days off in a row and Monday was a massive ball of stress. Yesterday I spent most of the day trying to put together an outfit for my interview tomorrow... yeah... yay. Anyway, by the time I was done it was too late to head up to CrossFit. Still have to go out today and get a top but I really feel good. Maybe it's been my four days of prep meals?

Instagram - LadyL3o
 So, this is what I do.

 - 1 to 2 eggs
 - Meat (turkey, chicken, pork)
 - Fruit of some kind... 1/2 banana or a nectarine
 - Water

 - Small fruit & Almonds (or protein shake depending on time of WOD)
 - Water

 - Prep Meal (sirloin and mixed veggies *steamed)
 - Water

 - Small fruit & Almonds
 - Water

 - Prep Meal (Turkey and mixed veggies *steamed)
 - Water

Everything has been with water... if I end up grabbing dinner out it's sometimes unsweet tea. I don't crave soda, nor do I miss it anymore, but I do feel for those of you that have to struggle with that carbonation addiction. Whether it's regular or diet it is completely unhealthy for you. My addiction is tea.

Instagram - LadyL3o
When I started posting pictures of my meal prep on Instagram, I had a lot of friends ask me about prep meals and the obvious questions on how to prepare them. It's actually pretty simple and really not expensive. It's the healthy alternative to tv dinners considering those are normally loaded with crap. Don't get me wrong. Some are incredibly better than eating out but meal prepping is much healthier and really once you get into a rhythm it only takes about an hour to cook and clean if it's just for you... depending on your kitchen situation. Anyway, sometime this week I will take the time to post on just that and your options and the best ways to do it. :)

As for today's WOD...

Warm Up:
 - 200m Run
 - 100 singles
 - 3rds with barbell
    10 Good Mornings
    10 Romanian DL's
    10 T2B (Toes to Bar)
 - 100 Singles
 - 200m Run

 - 5x5 Press 50% of 1RM [55]

- 10 Min AMRAP
   5 Dead Lifts [155]
   15 Sit Ups
   30 Double Unders

I actually did the women's RX weight for the DL @ 155#, yay! I could tell I wasn't going to get much higher than that though. Crazy how my DL at one point was at 235. Also, I did about 15 DU's tho and the rest singles. Not quite there on DU's yet.
Reminiscing on my 235# DeadLift
OK. Done for now. I have some errands to run before it gets much later! Thanks for the support! Until tomorrow!

Monday, October 20

CrossFit Wk 3 Day 1 - Frustration

My amount of frustration today was so great I was in tears. Why for sure? I don't know. I have been an emotional roller coaster for the past several days at least and though I know part of the reason, I know it's not all because of that and I really just want to be happy and clear minded. I have an amazing friend in my life... well I am actually lucky enough to have a few amazing friends but I have one friend who has really been just putting up with my emotional turmoil, trying to keep me in check and I love and appreciate them more than I may tell them.

Today my frustration stemmed from the fact that I have this idea of what I want to do and it just doesn't happen. Physically, I am not at that point yet. I get it. It's been a good while since I've done CrossFit, an even longer while since I was in much better shape and this elevation is just taking a toll on my breathing. I actually started having issues with pain in my chest breathing in deeply Thursday or so (as a constant issue), so I backed off and tried to change a few things and it's gone now. Not sure what it was since I stopped multiple things at once, but I'll slowly pick some of them back up so that I can rule things out.

I was so frustrated with myself from this WOD. I'm still having issues trying to truly understand why. None of the WOD's have been easy and yet I felt much better after them. Today I was in tears immediately after Josh had said "Time!" I tried very hard to control it. Honestly I should have just let it all come out, but I didn't. I fought it for 5-10 minutes there in the box while I drank my protein shake, grabbed some water, inquired about some information and walked out the door. I tried calling a friend immediately after but didn't realize the time and they just were unable to talk at that moment. I had tears running down my eyes, fighting it in the car. I should have let it come out. I did a little but the fighting it and holding it in should have never happened. That's something you just have to release and let go off. I will not make that mistake again.


500m Row
Then, 3 Rds of
 - 5 Pull Ups
 - 20 Wide Leg Mtn Climbers
 - 10 Push Ups
 - 20 Wide Leg Mtn Climbers
 - 15 Squats

5x5 Back Squat
50% of 1RM [55#]

1 Mile Run
100 OTB Jumps [54 step overs]
1 Mile Run [Did not get to]
*25 Min Cap

1 mile... 1... just 1. Sounds like nothing. Let me tell you, I could hardly jog it. I had to walk most of it and my legs and shins hurt. Part of it was up quite an incline and I wanted so badly to just stop. I kept going... took me 18 mins and 26 secs to do that 1 mile. I don't think I've ever had an 18 min mile. Not as a first mile time or a time tracked mile. I'm sure at some point I had, just... I've never had such a brutal mile I guess (up, down, across, over... high elevation, etc).

I can only do my best. I know my best is enough. I know it takes time, and I know if I work hard I will get the results I am looking for... maybe not as quickly as I'm wanting but I will start setting smaller goals so that I can be proud of my accomplishments along the way and not become frustrated that I have not yet reached my one big goal.

So, I came across this article from Box Life Magazine about Nike suing CF City Place for the use of their Jordan logo. I really wanted to share it because I truly feel that Nike is being absolutely ridiculous and I want everyone to share this story. Read the article

Thanks for the support! Off to bed!!

Sunday, October 19

Weekend & Prep Meals

Beautiful Autumn Colors

So, I have been tied up and just exhausted with moving but I did go to CrossFit on Wednesday. I really wanted to post Wednesday but I was so incredibly tired from the workout and move. My first two weeks back I wanted to get in 3 days a week and now I'm going to shoot for 5 days (M-F) and hopefully the mobility WOD on Saturday mornings.

With the move I am now almost 30 minutes from CrossFit [719] and still looking for a job, so I am very nervous about money and gas usage at this point. Wish I wasn't. Would be ideal to get a job on that side of the city so that I can already be in the area either before or after.

So yesterday I visited Quail Lake which is only about a mile or two from the apartment. Really beautiful. Next time I go I will attempt to jog the trail. Would like to see how long it is as well.

Quail Lake, Colorado Springs, CO
I will also be starting yoga today. I posted a little while back about the app that I would be trying out but with the move and life, I let it get pushed to the side and probably only did it 6-8 times.The Yoga Studio app had amazing reviews. it was $2.99 but from what I've experienced from it, well worth the price!
Yoga Studio
Today starts my prep meals! Seemed a little more expensive to make here, maybe cost of living, or maybe just because I had to get a few things to assist in making them. I'll know better next week. They came out really good this week! I'm going with ground sirloin, ground turkey and tilapia. Then I have a mix of veggies, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots and then spinach and tomato. My fruits right now are apples, oranges and bananas. I'd love some blue berries and mango but had to go the cheaper route this week. Also, I've got to have my almonds, just whole raw, no extra goodies needed! Since it's been a while since I've been so strict with food I bought a box of LARABAR's so that I would have a go-to-sweet if I couldn't take it any more.
Peanut Butter Cookie
So, that's my Sunday and the start of what I'm going to make a great week. Until tomorrow! Thanks for reading and all your support! Feel free to follow me on Instagram - Ladyl3o

Tuesday, October 14

CrossFit [719]: Wk 2 - Day 2

Between the WarmUp, Technical and WOD I earned my first blister today. I've actually done a really good job of taking care of my hands as of late. My coach (Mel) in Florida when I was there gave me some great advice on taking care of my hands and keeping them smooth even though I lift weight. I understand I am just breaking them in right now and can still keep them from getting bad so I'm not too worried.

Today was rough...

Just really going to talk about the WOD today. It wasn't too bad I guess. He scaled it down for me...

200m Run (normal was 400m)
Thrusters (75# for women... I did 55#)
200m Run (normal was 400m)

I was actually capable of doing the 65# but not for that many reps so I had to drop weight during the WOD. I'm pretty sure my time was 22:48.

After that, I left and came back to move. Bringing furniture up to the second floor when I'm already incredibly sore for the workout the last few days was rough. Even took a nap when we got done. I was so exhausted... my body is so sore right now.

I'm really going to need to get to bed in a minute but I wanted to share this link on How To Take Care Of Your Hands from 

"There are two qualities that make your hands susceptible to ripping – you either have soft hands with little or no callus build-up, or too much callus build-up that makes bumps or ridges on the surface of your hands. You need the happy medium – deep but smooth and supple calluses that protect the hands but remain intact when working."

This is so much more informative than my advice. I was really just going to suggest buying a pumice stone and using it in the shower right before you get out. There are different shaped ones. My brother liked mine more than his because mine had four corners whereas his was rounded like the number '8'. I really like mine but if I'd put more thought into it I would have gone to Sally's Beauty Supply or a beauty supply store and bought that really nice purple one they have. I love what it does for my feet when I get pedicures. :) Mine gets the job done though and it was from Wal-Mart I believe.

Alright, I'm off to bed. Thanks for reading and enjoy the article!